Delia is 5'6", 110 pounds, moderately attractive with shoulder length naturally black hair with streaks of neon lime in her hair (something from her last relationship with a male hairdresser).


Delia Frost was born and raised in Station Euphrates, a space station in the outer quadrant.

Frost is a musician first who holds a grudge due to getting assigned to a war asteroid as opposed to something related to music where "she'd be able to learn something." Part of the reason for her assignment is a grudge with Stilson Vont who assigns the tasks. Delia and Stilson have been romantic rivals in the past and when given the power to assign his fellow students he jumped on the opportunity.

Delia is somewhat of a casual xenophobe due to the general anti-alien sentiment on the Euphrates caused by the surrounding alien wars. Three years ago an alien cruiser exploded on a wing of the base killing thousands of citizens. Due to the Anti-Arms Act though, no retaliation was allowed.


Delia has been assigned to a small asteroid named Boston 40 where the Krey and Sceeeee are currently fighting, Delia has been assigned to gather the last will and testament of a Krey bomb - a living Krey strapped to a biolocked eradicator. The Krey, Karkar Uth, has three days to force a peace with the Sceeeee before he is forcibly exploded destroying the planet and everything on it.

Delia is not happy about the task and doesn't understand the point and would rather be home.

Delia calls the Krey Centipeople and the Sceeeeee aliens. She also does not care about spelling Sceeeee correctly.