Intelligence Classification (IC) is a Cradian uniform baseline as a means of classifying newly-discovered life forms' intelligence. It was instituted by the World Government in 2259, and thus is often used solely among Cradians.


(Class I): An undocumented intelligence; Sublime beings are hypothesized to exist on a higher plane or dimension.


(Class II): An extremely rare classification, Hyperintelligent beings generally outperform humans mentally.


(Class III): The Human baseline for intelligence.


(Class IV): Seemingly intelligent; Quasi-Intelligent beings often mimick intelligence, either through reproduction, imitation, or otherwise.


(Class V): Classified as a Creature whose evolution into racedom, complete with sentience, self-awareness, and culture has been established, documented, and recorded.


(Class VI): Adaptive beings can evolutionarily adapt over the course of generations. Most known life is classified as Adaptive.


(Class VII): A Stagnant being is often a Creature who has adapted to perfectly match its surroundings. Usually prehistoric, Stagnant beings often have no need for critical thinking or comprehension.

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