Joolislom is a post-apocolyptic earth, where the only survivors are the people who lived on the internet. When the nuclear stuff happened, the humans of that planet were fused with whatever they were looking at on the computer at that time, for example, someone reading a superhero webcomic would have become a superhero.


Joolislom follows the cast of this planets version of SLAM Network. Led by Liam, armed with the Gutbuster 3000, which he mainly uses for eating contests, they roam the planet looking for a way to escape the war torn planet and achieve internet fame.



Liam is the leader of the team SLAM Network, a rag tag bunch of internet nobodies looking for eFame and respect. He was looking at Megaman on the internet when the bomb hit. He is now part robot, and armed with the GutBuster 3000, giving him a great advantage in eating contests, which rarely come up due to Beer Drinking Contests being more favoured. He is not very intelligent, but well intentioned determined.


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