Mortribons discussing Mortribo matters.

Mortribons (Mor-tri-bons), singular Mortribo, are a purely intergalactic spacefaring race. Their origins are known to none outside of their own largely insular communities. Interactions with Mortribons are generally through business and trade, as their kind are dependent on the purchase of fuel and repairing materials. They either obtain what they want through the exchange of valuables they have collected, or through the service of work. A Mortribo will pride itself on its ability to communicate with other species without the use of technology.


The majority of Mortribo biology is unknown. Due to their protective and insular nature, they wear cloth over their entire body (aside from most of their face). What can be observed however, is their hulking size (2.6 meters tall and 1 meter wide) and the possibility of a carapace that protects their backs. A more obvious element to note is their 2 arms with 3 digits.