R'ta Qi'Nara are a space faring species with

Adult R'ta Qi'Nara

considerable scientific knowledge and an aggressive speed of expansion. Ecosystems on R'ta worlds have been altered dramatically, as species undergo dramatic evolutionary and behavioral changes. The R'ta Qi'Nara seem to have vast knowledge on biological and genetic sciences, as most of their technology has been grown or born in some way. Diplomatic communications have proved unsuccessful, and many civilisations have found their worlds, and own species changing before any knowledge of R'ta presence in nearby space. Currently R'ta Qi'Nara space is blockaded off by military of the Roka Voca empire. This is the result of a long conflict between the two species, from the point when R'ta first entered Roka Voca space and started defiling their worlds.

A young R'ta Qi'Nara


It has long been assumed that the R'ta Qi'Nara have no concept of the individual and are organised by a method of hivemind telepathy. However during the first of the Roka Voca crusades into reclaiming lost systems (see:The Great Kor Vetack) R'ta structures and constructs showed a surprisingly high level of impracticality and purposeless design. What is assumed by these findings is that these choices in design were the result of cultural nuance and artistic choice, something that would not be present in a species lacking individual choice and will.

Not enough is known about the R'ta to make any accurate assumptions about the methods through which their civilisation functions. It is now assumed that the collective empire is controlled by some form of supreme leader or singular 'government', whether it's control is biological or gained is simply unknown.

Roka Voca interactions have been more violent than scientific and as a result little has been gained towards discovering reasons for their actions. It may be that the R'ta Qi'Nara have no concept of right or wrong, and are so advanced that they have forgotten simple conventions of ethics. It could be that they simply don't care.

There are some informal insights into the events that produced the Gulf of Rage, a dozen or so leaked documents or interpretations of the situation from bystanders not linked to the Roka Voca military. While potentially problematic to evaluate a situation purely from unauthorised, possibly hysterical, and over emotional documents, a large following of scholars have taken to evaluating and trying to interpret them. The most significant of these is The Sundering of the Galactic Fringe a partially incomplete documentary summarising the voyage of a small journalism vessel trying to navigate it's way out of the quickly expanding warzone. While the footage was only assembled into a documentary as an after thought, Roka Voca military intercepted the vessel and ordered the confiscation of some of the recordings.