Rag-noth are vulture-looking bipeds.



Rag-noth are vulture-looking bipeds that sport three eyes, one in the centre of their head and two smaller ones on either side allowing for clear vision up to 180 degrees, but very little depth perception. They have a small tuft of feathers on the top of their head. They can stand any where between 5'8' and 6'6", but are usually in a sort of crouching position that takes about a half-a-foot off of that. their skin is a deep orange and they have 3-fingered hands and 4-toed feet.

Life CycleEdit

Rag-noth live an average of 38 cradle years, but this number is significantly higher when you only count those that died of natural causes, 53 cradle years.

Rag-noth mating rituals usually involve one female mating with many males at a tiime (upwards of 10) due to the rarity of female Rag-noth. Because of this however, it is nearly impossible to tell who the father of the child is without genetic testing, so the female is left to raise the youngling for the 6 months until they reach pubescence, at which point they are left to fend for themselves.


Most Rag-noth take jobs as pirates or mercenary, their wide view making them ideal for sharpshooting and reacting to firefights (though their depth-perception makes them ill-equipped to pilot any sort of vehicle), it's at the point where immediately believing a Rag-noth to be some sort of criminal fighter isn't really racial stereotyping as it's 99.9% true. This sort of behaviour has become ingrained in Rag-noth culture so that they are raised with no other career in mind. Not going into that profession however, isn't neccesarily frowned upon, so much as it's seen as strange.


No-one knows what planet the Rag-noth evolved from, not even the Rag-noth, as there are no known Rag-noth historians. The first recording of a Rag-noth occured when a Cradle exploratory ship got besieged by a group of Rag-noth pirates in the year 2467. Since then, the relationship between the two races has improved very little, and most policemen keep a very close eye on any Rag-noth they see