A male and female in casual attire.

The Roka Voca are a reptoid species that control a galactic empire on the fringes of R'ta Qi'Nara-controlled space. They are a carnivorous species renowned for their military success and protective nature. While not necessarily considered a hostile species, the actions of their collective empire have alienated them from larger diplomatic interactions. The species originates from the planet Dokia.


Based on two genders, Roka Voca reproduce in a relatively cradian manner. Females will lay a number of eggs in a similar way to birds or reptiles. Being more similar to birds in this respect, they stay in pairs to help raise the young.

Each gender is physically relatively similar,as genitals remain internal most of the time. The most destinct differences are seen in skin pigment and the male tendency to possess large facial crests.


Early Roka Voca culture has been assessed as primarily focused on the strength of the warrior. This trend has continued until today, where most cultural elements are affectations of war, strength, combat, honour and victory.

9 main cultural groups dominate the Roka Voca galactic presense, all of which originate from their homeworld.

  • Northern hemisphere cultures: Ho'Tanat, Sohta, Shca, Tok'Sh
  • Southern hemisphere cultures: T'Shaka, Ho Gor, Kator, Shoka, T'akonas

A vast multitude of minor cultures exist within the Roka Voca empire but the significance of each is not of an interstellar level.

Kor VetackEdit

A Kor Vetack is act of intense retaliation fueled by hate. The attack is often considered a final action, and is only ever undertaken when no other hope remains. Such an event spans nearly all Roka Voca cultures and holds significant religous importance. It is said that the glory of such an even greatly outweighs the shame of defeat that it follows.

The Great Kor VetackEdit

When R'ta Qi'Nara fleets began taking hold of Roka Voca territory, the losses were greater than anything ever felt before in Roka Voca history. Like many other civilisations before them, it seemed they would be devoured by the might of the oncoming horde. However in an attempt to rally the at the time divided empire, the K'Taka of the Sohta issued a Kor Vetack, a unifying call to arms against a common enemy. Pushing through R'ta space they found hundreds of worlds they once owned, despoiled by the manipulation of the conquerers. Unable to return to these worlds they instead chose to destroy every world and celestial body of R'ta persuasion. Their vehemence continued deep into territory never charted before. The expensive costs of destroying solar systems had left the mustered forces weak and lacking in ammunition and weapons. Calming from his rage and comfortable with the wrath they had unleashed, the K'Taka ordered a withdrawal.

Returning to the worlds they still had they began fortifying and preserving the natural order that was present on their own worlds. A large permanent fleet is now always on guard along the edge of the space that was annihilated.

The Gulf of RageEdit

The rift between the stars of Roka and R'ta possession became known as the Gulf of Rage, as navigating it soon became dangerous due to the intensity of the debris (including weapons, mines, destroyed space craft, and the innards of worlds) and hot nebulas formed by the destruction of so many stars.