The SWF Flash Rifle (colloquially Swiff Rifle, S-W-F, or Swiffy) was a toy rifle designed by Hasno Toys in 2550. It became famous on Cradle after controversy.

SWF Flash RifleEdit

The SWF was not the first toy rifle ever produced, but it was the first toy weapon designed to actually hurt other parties. By utilizing S-Wave Technology, Hasno Toys was able to create a weapon which could easily hurt other parties, but which offered no real risk of physical bodily harm.


After its release in 2550, the SWF slowly gained popularity over the months until it exploded in a frenzy of media coverage. Cradians were outraged at how a toy which encouraged harm and maim could exist, and demanded a response from their World Government, but found none.

The newly constituted Globe, and, specifically, Frenz Dangh, heralded a firm opposition toward the SWF, which was soon rallied-behind. Dangh proposed legislation which promoted Globe's own alternative to the toy.

For the first time in Cradian history, a Corporation was successfully able to pass legislation halting the creation of a competitor's product.