Illustration: Commander Marie Vug originally identifying the Striped Sinew Spring as one rapidly-relaxing nearly hits her in the face.

The Striped Sinew Spring is a plant first discovered on Vibrus by Commander Marie Vug. It is known for its tendon-like stem, which can spring up or down, depending on whether or not the plant lacks nutrients. When the muscles relax, the plant stands upright, emitting a sweet-smelling insect pheromone. When the plant lays near the ground, it is contracting, digesting anything trapped in its hair-like follicles.


Unlike most plants on Vibrus, the Striped Sinew Spring is edible. The pheromone glands stored in the flower are considered a Vibrian delicacy, and its sinewy stem is a staple of Vibrian cuisine. The sharp, pointy leaves guarding its hair-like follicles are ground up and used as a painkiller.

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