The Girdle System is an extrasolar planetary pair that exists without a home star. Instead, the planets Phaeton Prime and Phaeton II exist in tidal locking with eachother, with what is known as the Phaeton Sash (Cradian Simple: "the Soaring") between them. The system's inhabitants have yet to make contact with off-worlders, although this statement is disputed endlessly as either false or deceptively concealed by Phaeton Prime's governing body.


Phaeton PrimeEdit

Phaeton Prime (G.P-1) is the primary habitated barren planet of the Girdle System. It was the first planet of the pair discovered by a pirate scouting party. Phaeton Prime is a Type I civilization, self procalimed as the "Potouk," with nearly full control of its own planetary energy. The civilization has struggled with space travel and planet to planet communication due to the highly abnormal magnetic fields created at the edge of the Girdle System. Phaeton Prime's core is mainly composed of a hyper-magnetic substance with further research by the Potouk still underway.

The nature of the planet's interactions with the Sash is unique, as its tidal locked nature with Phaeton II causes roughly 60% of Phaeton Prime's surface to be continually illuminated. This has brought about a wide variety of religions regarding perpetual illumination vs perpetual darkness among the planet's inhabitants, some being quite extremist. It is common on the planet to be categorized/regarded as either a light-worlder or a dark-worlder due to this cultural effect.

Phaeton IIEdit

Phaeton II (G.P-2) is the relatively unexplored planet in orbital opposition of Phaeton Prime. Phaeton II's surface is covered almost entirely in a jungle-tundra with a single ocean, however the dangerously toxic atmosphere and rapid growing plant life make off-worlder exploration difficult. The planet is mostly composed of a superheated hyper-magnetic mass, with an (currently) unknown chemical/matter composition. It is suspected that the core composition of Phaeton II is similar to that of Phaeton Prime, however astronomical data collected by long range research satellites suggests otherwise.

The dark side of Phaeton II functions as a minor magnetic vortex. This leads to many asteroids and debris being either pulled into close orbit or into a collision course with the planet itself. Damaged craft have been seen uncontrollably approaching this vortex, as only high grade engines can sustain functionality near it.

Local PhenomenaEdit

Phaeton SashEdit

The Phaeton Sash (often abreviated as "the Sash," or "the Soaring") is a circular band of dense ignited plasma that exists solely between the Phaeton Pair. Its mass and structure are unknown in origin, with the Sash extending a full 6 AU widthwise between the planets. It exists due to the highly unusual interaction between the immensely magnetic planetary pair. The Phaeton Sash emits a total radiation output of only slightly more than the Cradle's home star, providing enough energy for standard civilized life to arise on Phaeton Prime. Ignition and and formation of the plasma ring has stumped local physicists since the system's discovery.