Townsend, also known as Planet Townsend and previously Colony Townsend, is an established Cradian trade settlement located just past the Asteroid Belt within the Cradian Galaxy Primary. It settled May 25, 2541, and was the first outer-space colony to be founded. It is revered as a staple of Cradian ingenuity.


Originally founded and governed by Francois DeShoughven (De-SHAWN), Colony Townsend is a trade settlement located just past the Asteroid Belt within the Cradian Galaxy.

Downfall, 2551 - 2560Edit

Colony Townsend fell into economic turmoil as space pirates intercepted and pillaged cargo ships. Efforts were made to dispose of the pirates, but due to its proximity to the grievous asteroid belt, offensive Globe Protective ships found themselves at a disadvantage.and were swiftly decimated. Luckily, Starship Farweather’s crew was able to strategically navigate through the pirates’ defenses.

Upon Farweather’s arrival, and after bloodlessly killing every pirate, Star Captain Jules Montgomery launched an investigation revealing Francois DeShoughven as the mastermind behind the pirate attacks. DeShoughven employed the pirates as a tactic to inspire camaraderie among Townsendians, but soon found them a force too overwhelming to control. DeShoughven’s career was ruined, and he was formally replaced by then-GP Officer Charles “Chuck” Tater.

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