A Vella mimicking a Cradian female

The Vella (vey-ya) are a quasi-intelligent aquatic creature from the planet Nartor.

Usually squid-like, Vella posses the talent to morph and take the shape of other creatures they interact with. They do this by wrapping their tendrils into shapes which mimic other life forms. Pictured is a Vella imitating a Cradian female on four legs.

Scientists predict that Vella imitate creatures as a mating ritual; a Vella who impresses its mate with the most complex or unique yet accurate transformation is sure to be remembered.

Vella are enigmatic due to their form-changing appearance which has created quite the disagreement among scientists—no one is quite sure what a Vella looks like in its original form. This mystery also lends it self to Narti legend, who view the Vella as a kind of mermaid.